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Scrapbooking edition: Sunday, February 18 2018

Scrapbooking is for that first moment of birth. Things seem to always happen in a certain order just after the birth. Our last baby was probably the most special scrapbooking moment. First because it was a girl and second is because Mary got to hold our daughter for quite some time just after birth creating a scrapbooking moment. The first scrapbooking moment is when the cord is cut. Pending on your doctor, he may let you or the father cut the cord. The next scrapbooking memory may come when the doctor presents the infant to the nurse, mother or father. A great scrapbooking picture is the mother and father holding the baby in the bed just after birth. This is the time to take as many scrapbooking pictures as possible. Lots of emotions are flowing so try to enjoy the scrapbooking moment.

May God bless you and your family.

Scrapbooking ideas defined:

Scrapbooking ideas

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noun [C]
a book with empty pages where you can stick newspaper articles, pictures, etc., that you have collected and want to keep

Scrapbooking ideas

" (n.) A blank book in which extracts cut from books and papers may be pasted and kept.

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